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Effective IT


Using IT effectively, to deliver business benefit is what most businesses strive for - we can help you achieve that.




Highland Business Networks specialises in helping ur customers achieve the best possible value from their IT services. Whether your service is in-house or provided by external sources, the important question is whether the money you spend on IT delivers the business value you expect.

Our services fall into a number of categories:

  • IT service evaluation and benchmarking - using a range of tools we have developed over a number of years, we can quickly and easily assess how well your IT service is performing, and how its cost compares to that of IT services in other organisations.
  • IT service maturity assessment - how well developed is your IT service? Is it engaged in firefighting and reacting to problems, or is it forward thinking, and contributing positively to the growth and development of the business? Our toolset provides objective measures of how well developed the service is.
  • Business change management - getting the best out of IT means changing how the organisation  works, and how services are delivered to customers; we can advise on how business practices can be streamlined and improved and can manage the whole process of change for you.
  • Customer service development - as a particular example of business change, making the delivery of service to the customers is one of the key areas where you can reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction - and we have the skills and experience to help you - everything from detailed analysis of current customer volumes and transactions through to strategy formulation, business case development, service improvement  and benefits realisation.
  • Business readiness assessment - is the business ready to benefit from transformation - again, using an assessment toolkit that we have developed over the years, we can advise on where the organisation may need to strengthen its resources or to make additional preparations before embarking on a major business improvement or transformation programme.
  • Transformation programme management - managing the programme of change that will deliver strong business benefits, in the shape of reduced operating costs and delivery costs, improved customer satisfaction, and robust monitoring of performance.



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